5 pack spring lamb wax melts.

5 pack spring lamb wax melts.

Introducing the start of our spring collection - 

The cutest LAMBS that you ever did see 👀😍  

We are offering these in 2 sets of 5 lambs. 

The first set is our pastel lambs (shown in the picture) which include - 
🔸️ Baby Powder 
🔹️ Pear and Freesia 
🔸️ Blueberry and Vanilla
🔹️ Plum and Rhubarb 
🔸️ Pink Fizz 

The second set are our Vibrant lambs which include - 
🔸️ Spiced Orange 
🔹️ Monkey Farts 
🔸️ Purple Rain 
🔹️ Raspberry and Vanilla 
🔸️ Lemongrass and Ginger 

💥 £4.50 per set of 5 lambs 💥 

Lovingly hand poured on the Isle of Wight by MeltingMomentsIW. 
Our wax melts are made using Soy wax scented with high quality fragrance oils giving a superiour fragrence to a room. 
All products are handmade and unique so colours may vary from the photographs shown.
Safety data sheets available on request and ingredients information included with the product.
CLP Compliant.